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Enjoy professional Viking warming drawer repair services without having to burn an opening in your wallet. Managers at Viking Warmer Drawer Repair (800) 969-5052 wanted to share brief history and let you know that Viking is Mississippi based company that designs, fabricates, and distributes luxury kitchen home appliances. The organization began in early as supplier of kitchenware sets, utensils products, microwaves, fridges, and warming drawers for commercial and residential use. Viking is known for its top end warming drawers. A multitude of high end warming drawers can be found from Viking and they may be bought either online or in a local consumer home appliances store. A few of the popular ones range from the Custom Warming Drawer and also the Warming Drawer and technicians at Viking Warmer Drawer Repair know how to fix both appliance types at minimum cost for customer.

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The Custom Warming Drawer is a beginner appliance that includes a durable drawer, effective heating unit, versatile controls, indicator lights, and easy to customize temperature configurations. Viking Warmer Drawer Repair technicians wanted to let you know that establishing this electric warming drawer is simple. All that you should do is setup the custom front using the provided screws. Slide the whole unit in to the cabinet opening and drill holes to secure the drawer. Remember to use plastic caulk if it’s an outside model. If you want any help call (800) 969-5052 and use a licensed Viking Warmer Drawer Repair service provider. The drawer handle includes curler bearing slides and perimeter trims for smooth operation.

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The temperature range is between 90-250 levels Fahrenheit and also the temperature configurations could be personalized with respect to the needs from the consumer. The drawer dimensions are 17 x 22 x 6 inches and also the drawer capacity is 1.4 Cu. Foot. It may accommodate an array of meals which is obtainable in twelve different color finishes. Both indoor and outside models can be found. Customers can very easily buy this electric warming drawer straight from their house. A nearby Viking Warmer Drawer Repair center will also help you in purchasing this appliance if you decide to call (800) 969-5052. This warming drawer cannot be utilized for a pressure oven or perhaps a towel warmer. They’re solely made to keep your food hot. Never use moist potholders simply because they may cause a steam burn. Always employ copper wires for electrical connection and ground the applying to some permanent grounding conductor.

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The Viking Warming Drawer is really a high end product you can use by both home customers and business proprietors. Detachable shelves, optional lid sets, moisture cups, and classy looks are the popular features of this appliance. Its dimensions are 20 x 6 x 22 inches and it has a complete capacity of approximately 1.6 Cu. Foot. If you want additional storage capacity just call (800) 969-5052 a Viking Warmer Drawer Repair will have the ability to assist you. You will find two temperature configurations within this appliance. High configurations may be used to keep gravies warm and also the low configurations can be used as bread proofing. You will not require a Viking Warmer Drawer Repair should you purchase this top quality appliance.

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Two heating choices are available, namely moist warmth and dry warmth. The moist warmth option may be used to keep meals moist at serving temperature and also the dry warmth option may be used to keep meals crisp. The moisture selector knob may be used to keep your meals moist. All that you should do is turn the knob right hands side from the drawer. This can shut lower the vent and seal the moisture that’s present within the drawer. Should you have any problems with setting the right choice, contact a Viking Warmer Drawer Repair (800) 969-5052 for professional help.

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Optional add-ons like pans, covers, and cups could be covered within this appliance and they may be purchased from a close Viking Warmer Drawer Repair center. Never place closed food containers within the electric drawer. Sometimes excess pressure can take shape up also it could burst. Maintaining this warming drawer can also be super easy. Just switch off the hotter and let it awesome. Splash some tepid to warm water towards the slide rails and pan support. Experienced professionals at Viking Warmer Viking Warmer Drawer cleaning all of them with a dry and soft cloth.

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The plastic seal ought to be changed once each year. Remember to wash the electrical warmer at least one time every week. Employ a Viking Warmer Drawer Repair expert should you not have enough time a appliance. The system rating and also the incoming current ought to always be exactly the same. If there’s a deviation it might change up the performance from the warming drawer. Locating a Viking Warmer Drawer Repair shop isn’t difficult. An easy Search can help you achieve your primary goal. An electrical warming drawer used to be an extravagance however it is essential in the current busy world. Take advantage of dialing (800) 969-5052 and Viking Warmer Drawer Repair services to repair and purchase your preferred Viking items.

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